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Did you know that eating Girl Scout cookies could help you in your quest to become hairless? Girl Scout season is quickly approaching and Infinity Electrolysis will be offering their clients an opportunity to earn money towards electrolysis by purchasing cookies!!!!

Here’s how it works: This year Girl Scout cookies will be available for purchase online. Click the link below to purchase your favorite Girl Scout cookies. Bring your receipt into Infinity Electrolysis. Infinity Electrolysis will match what you spend, up to $100.00, in free services!!! For example: Buy $100.00 worth of cookies through the link below and you get $100.00 worth of electrolysis free!

Additional Information: This promotion may not be combined with other promotions. To avoid shipping and handling you can text me your order to be picked up at your appointment. Give me at least 24 hours notice


Infinity Electrolysis offers state of the art permanent unwanted hair removal using the medically approved cutting edge technology of the Apilus Platinum epilator, the best epilator on the market. The Apilus Platinum uses an ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency which is twice as fast as any other epilator on the market and is unrivaled in its comfort.

Infinity Electrolysis also uses the highest standards of sterilization for the client’s well being and comfort. Jacqueline is highly trained and provides comfortable permanent unwanted hair removal on men, women and teens (with parental permission).