Apilus Platinum

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Apilus Platinum

Just a few short months after it was launched by Dectro International, a manufacturer of electrolysis and aesthetic equipment, the Apilus Platinum epilator won the Canadian Innovation of the Year award during the 4th Canadian Aesthetics & Wellness Convention, which took place in Montreal. The Apilus attracted the jury’s attention with its ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency, twice as fast as the frequency used by other epilators on the market, and its comfort. Thanks to its new hair removal modes performed with this 27 MHz frequency (PicoFlash™, Synchro™, PicoBlend™ and EvoluBlend™), it is able to specifically target and coagulate the cells responsible for hair growth, thereby providing effectiveness and comfort never before seen in permanent hair removal!The Platinum delivers 100% permanent results on all hair types and all skin types.

The Apilus Platinum is also equipped with the VitaPhase IM device which allows electrologists to perform iontophoresis treatments. The cataphoreses after-care treatment works to soothe the skin, close the pores and restore the PH balance of the skin in order to prevent any infection. Cataphoresis is an integrated option for salon aftercare.

Ultra rapid Frequency

The world-exclusive design of the Apilus® Platinum™ uses an ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency to permanently and rapidly destroy all types of hair. Thus, since it works twice as fast as any other epilator, the Apilus® Platinum™ is able to coagulate in a very concentrated fashion the cells responsible for hair growth, thereby providing incomparable effectiveness and comfort.

Unrivalled Comfort

Thanks to its ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency, the PicoFlash™ mode of the Apilus® Platinum™ offers comfort the likes of which have yet to be seen in permanent hair removal. The PicoFlash™ current is so quick and so concentrated that treatments are much more comfortable than those in thermolysis and electrolysis modes of recent years. The era of ultra comfortable electrolysis has begun!

100% Effective Treatments

To this day, electrolysis remains the only 100% effective permanent hair removal method for all hair and skin types. Other hair removal methods currently available on the market, such as laser, work from the outside, detecting the hair pigment (melanin). Thus, they require a strong contrast between the skin (white) and the hair (dark). Electrolysis, on the other hand, attacks the hair follicle from the inside, leading to the direct destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth, and this while protecting the skin’s surface. Therefore, whether your hair is blond, white or red, whether you are fair - or dark - skinned, swarthy or olive, the Apilus® Platinum™ will always deliver 100% effectiveness*.

New Hair Removal Modes

In addition to its well-established MultiPlex™, OmniBlend™ and MultiBlend™ modes, the Apilus® Platinum™ offers electrologists new modes of operation, all designed to use the ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency. The effectiveness of the PicoFlash™, Synchro™ and EvoluBlend™ modes will astound you. While the speed and great comfort of the PicoFlash™ mode are remarkable, the Synchro™ mode yields unparalleled results and the EvoluBlend™ mode adapts to each and every client’s tolerance level. In short, these different modes will allow the electrologists to respond to any situation in a cinch!


The PicoFlash™ technique consists in applying a split second pulse of 27 MHz thermolysis current, which is barely perceptible, making the treatment really comfortable.


In the Synchro™ technique, hundreds of PicoFlash™ 27 MHz micro pulses are applied in a synchronized fashion. These ultra rapid micro pulses are delivered at a weak intensity. The electrologist must move the probe from the bulge to the hair papilla when using this mode in order to enhance the destruction process. This innovative technique (patent pending) is used exclusively with insulated probes and completely eliminates the lower 2/3 of the hair follicle.


The EvoluBlend™ method is different in that it applies a gradually increasing galvanic current, going from 0 mA intensity and increasing to the client’s tolerance level. A 27 MHz thermolysis current is simultaneously applied; a combination that is sure to be effective even on the toughest hair.

Distinctive Post-Epilatory Care

The designers of the Apilus® Platinum™ have thought of everything, from the start of a treatment session to the final touch. This is why the Apilus® Platinum™ is equipped with the VitaPhase™ IM ionomassage device. This unique device enables you to perform iontophoresis treatments (ionization/deep-cleansing) as well as active vibro-massages, in synergy with the “Cataphoresis” and “Anaphoresis” modes on your system. After a hair removal treatment, cataphoresis performed with the VitaPhase™ IM will help reduce redness, will have an antibacterial effect and soothe the treated area. Furthermore, combined with the vibro-massage function, it promotes an even greater penetration of active products, thereby enhancing treatment effectiveness.